Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amazing and cool site: Ninite.com

I am rarely impressed, but the function this site performs is one of the best things that have come along. How would you like to install all the programs you want in one go? Well that's what Ninite.com offers. It does something that we all need at one point or another. It certainly isn't used everyday, but Ninite.com is really handy when you set up a computer. Check it out here.

Basically Ninite lets you check off the programs you want to install on your computer. Programs like flash, firefox, vlc, aim, skype, and others are offered. It's an all in one function that bundles all the programs you wanted installed and does it all one in run. It downloads the latest programs from the original sites and installs every program one by one. So if you were to keep the program file, you can actually use it to also update those programs months or years down the line.


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  1. Linux has package managers that do the same. Nice to have something like it for common programs in Windows.


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